"Joining Adult ballet on a Monday during lockdown 2 with Sophie was the best decision I made in 2020! And I'm not joking ... yes, I've re-fallen back in love with Ballet but its not that aspect that brings me back every week. Its Sophie's unique ability to gently guide and fiercely encourage! Its rare to find a dance or fitness teacher with such a natural warmth, an ability to engage everyone all with varying abilities and a great taste in music! She is a wonderful and generous teacher."
Sheri Sadd
Faded Shapes
"A fantastic class and teacher! Agnes (and mummy) loves this dance class and it is making her quite the dancer! Thank you so much!"

Abby Jones

"Our 4 year old granddaughter absolutely loved dancing on line with Sophie! She had so much fun and learnt so many skills! Sophie is amazing and interacts with her children and makes it a personal experience for each child! Thank you Sophie! We hope that we can join you for more dancing soon!"
Sally Burt
"I joined Sophie’s Adult Ballet lessons in September and I can honestly say in the last few months I’ve definitely seen so much progress, it’s allowed me to most importantly get out of the house (when we’ve been able to) and do something I have really enjoyed with other wonderful and very supportive woman, but also become stronger, fitter and healthier along the way! The studio is super clean and has always been COVID safe with social distancing from other dancers being enforced with sections per person. Sophie’s so lovely and an absolutely fantastic teacher, she makes the class fun but also keeping it strict enough that we actually learn to do the correct movements! She’s continued to adapt through these difficult times and I couldn’t recommend her and her classes enough!"
Stephanie Alexandra
Faded Shapes
"Monday Musicals with you Sophie has become the highlight of my lockdown week. Working full time, part remote and part in schools and parenting in this madness, the fun you bring to our sessions is addictive and inspiring. You are vibrant and engage with all the students throughout the session with support and check ins. This weeks Hairspray session had me dancing after the class as I did my washing up. As a parent I really appreciate having classes by zoom. I can still have the exercise and social life of dance classes that fits in with out family routine. You consider home space in all of your choreography and create adaptions to challenge all levels. It’s such a fun class and I look forward to next Monday! Thank you for all your hard work, you’re bringing me a night of enjoyment to our manic weeks!"
Kate Jennifer
"Brilliant classes and a fabulous teacher! Highly recommend Sophie's class to complete beginners all the way up to professional levels"
Lewis Game

" I joined Dance with Sophie this year (2020) and it's the best thing I've done! I have had so much fun learning the ballet moves with Sophie, which brings me back to being 5 again and she is an AMAZING teacher!! I love how she takes the time to go through the steps whatever level you are at, as a complete beginner I find this really reassuring and it makes me want to continue, practice and improve each week."

Roxanne Rouse

Faded Shapes

"I love to dance but my husband is a bit more dance shy so I thought having our first wedding dance choreographed would be the perfect excuse to dance with him and give us both more confidence.

Sophie choreographed our first dance at our wedding, she was patient with us and broke the steps down into shorter sequences for us to practice. We requested a few challenging moves and Sophie happily obliged again breaking it down and making it fun and relaxed.

Sophie also videoed us so we could see how to improve and also meant we could practice at home.

Sophie was a wonderful dance teacher and it was a pleasure to be taught by her, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."

Rachel Robertson-Weatherill